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...so, now off you fly, dear friend...my world has changed from one moment to another. I could sit here and write for hours about the great memories...the fun.. .the love ...the respect...you were like the big brother l never had. ...you believed in me...this kid from Greece...living like a stranger in a strange land...you were my best man at our wedding...we've recorded music...for eternity. I am so glad we had the chance to spent so much time together when we recorded the new album a few months back...it was beautiful all of us together...the family, the kids... All our love to your family and loved ones. Jane Tsangarides...you are a fantastic lady...you are in our thoughts and prayers 🙌.Chris, we miss you....and will keep you in our hearts forever. I am just a simple man, bless you all. 💙 R.I.P. Chris Tsangarides...καλό ταξίδι.

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Worldwide Release  27th September 2017 _ Lions Pride Music


SPECIAL GUEST   on the new album

On Stage with Tony Carey (Keyboarder of Ritchie Blackmores Rainbow) www.tonycarey.com


Saturday, 03.09.2016  _ Limmerstraßenfest  _ Hannover

Saturday, 20.08.2016  _ Rock am Entenfang _ Hannover

Friday,   19.08.2016    _  live im BaRRock      _  Hamburg

Lions Pride Music is happy to have signed on King's Call for their third, yet untilted, album. The band are currently working on it and with plans of a release in 2017.

Friday 22.04.2016  Bibelot Poppodium, Dordrecht, Netherlands


Saturday,   19.03.2016  _  live im BaRRock    _  Hamburg


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